Saturday, August 15, 2009

3 DAYS!!!!!

3 days until our trip to Paris!!! I am beyond excited. A little nervous about the layover in London...but excited. I've always done everything in my power to avoid layovers when flying. The one time I did one with Mom, the airline lost our luggage. That is exactly what I fear this time. I am so scared that we will get there and our luggage will not. I will just be paranoid the entire flight :-(

In other news... this past Monday Blake came up to me and said, "I think we should paint this wall... and redo this part of the floor". Why this sudden need for home improvement projects the week before our big trip? Because he was bored. That's right...he was bored. Three hours later we come home from shopping at Home Depot and I have a headache. Blake is no longer allowed in Home Depot unless I am there to moderate. One miter saw, 1 24' ladder, 6 gallons of paint, 4 boxes of flooring, 1 hand saw, 3 tubes of caulk, 40' of moulding and 1 week are the results...

Entryway window BEFORE
Entryway window AFTER (shade added)
Entryway BEFORE

Entryway AFTER (wood floors and red wall)

Staircase wall BEFORE

Staircase wall AFTER (red wall and white paint retouched)
Gameroom wall AFTER (red wall and white paint retouched)

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